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Kossuth County Civil War Veterans ~ Miscellaneous States


Data for compiling a complete list of all residents in the county who wore the blue in defense of the stars and stripes, at any time during the Civil war, is not available and cannot be easily obtained. It is to be regretted that such a list cannot be compiled for this publication. All resident veterans are entitled to have their names enrolled on the pages of Kossuth County History, regardless of where they were living at the time of enlistment. Formerly the law required the auditor to compile such lists and send them to the adjutant-general, but that law has long since been changed. The last list so compiled, that is available, was made while C. H. Hutchins was auditor. No doubt hundreds of veterans have become residents since that time whose names, consequently, are not on that list. Moreover many of the names are those of old soldiers who are now deceased. The Republican published the list June 24, 1885 and it is as follows:

Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire,
New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia,

New Hampshire

John W. Robinson, Sergeant, Company A, Eleventh Infantry.
C. B. Merrifield, Corporal, Company G, Fourteenth Infantry.


James Britt, Company B, Fourteenth Infantry.
Charles C. Mantor, Corporal, Company C, Nineteenth Infantry; Battery C, First Artillery.


Edgar W. Young, Sergeant, Company H, Second U. S. S. S., also Company K, Fifteenth Infantry.

West Virginia

Marshall Hays, Company K, Twelfth Infantry.


A. E. Kennedy, Company G, Fifteenth Infantry; Company E, First Rhode Island Artillery.
G. H. Lamson, Company A. Twenty-first Infantry.
Simon C. Spear, Company C, Forty-second Infantry.
John E. Webster, Sergeant, Company D, Forty-third Infantry.
Isaac B. Downs, Company F, Forty-ninth Infantry.
John L. Cotton, Corporal, Company C, Fiftieth Infantry.


Charles W. Parker, Company F, Forty-fifth Infantry.
Levi Detric, Company C, Ninety-eighth Infantry.
George Green, Company B, Eighty-third Infantry.
George W. Sweet, Company B, Eighty-third Infantry.
James H. Archibald, Company G, One Hundredth Infantry.
Thomas Manna, Company E, One Hundredth Infantry.
J. M. Stuart, Company E, One Hundred and Eleventh Infantry.
Pierson C. C. Phillips, Company F, One Hundred and Fifty-first Infantry.
William H. Nycum, Sergeant, Company G, One Hundred and Eighty-sixth Infantry.


John J. Wiltgen, Company G, Second Infantry.
George W. Hendron, Company G, Third Infantry.
S. P. Hartshorn, Company C, Third Infantry.
A. Hartshorn, Company B, Fourth Infantry.
H. P. Hatch, Company B, Fourth Infantry.
George W. Kelly, Corporal, Company C, Fourth Infantry.
Thomas V. Robinson, Company D, Fourth Infantry; One Hundred and Thirty-fifth New York.
Norman Hartwell, Company K, Sixth Infantry.
O. C. Tibbetts, Sergeant, Company K, Seventh Infantry.
P. L. Slagle, Second Lieutenant, Company D, Eleventh Infantry.
Morris Chapin, Company C, Eleventh Infantry.


William Sroufe, Sergeant, Company B, First Cavalry.
Paul Dorweiler, Company K, Seventeenth Infantry.
Emil Foesterling, Company G, First Cavalry.


LaFayette Carr, Company G, First Heavy Artillery.
Samuel I. Plumley, Company G, First Heavy Artillery.
Thomas Hodson, Company D, Twenty-second Infantry.


Dan C. Adams, Company E, Sixteenth U. S. Infantry.
William Campbell, navy vessel "Gazelle."
Thomas Earley, Corporal Company H, Fourth U. S. Infantry.
T. M. Ostrander, Company C, U. S. Dragoons.
A. B. Sheldon, Company G, Pennsylvania Light Artillery.
Henry Sifert, Seminole War, Company I, First U. S. Dragoons.
Isaac H. Wilbur, Company A, New York Light Artillery.
William Ward, Company A, Fourth U. S. Cavalry.
Thomas N. Williamson, Company F, First Ohio Light Artillery.
John T. Davis, landsman, Revenue Ship "Ohio."
Frank Oliver, Company K, Sixth U. S. Infantry.
G. W. Flack, Black Hawk War.
A. A. Wilcox, landsman, U. S. Navy.
R. G. Long, Daniel McCain, Thomas Lantry, John Summers, C. M. Cady, Charles Brooks.

Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire,
New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia,


Source: History of Kossuth County Iowa, Volume I, by Benjamin F. Reed, LLB, 1913.


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