roses.gif (3713 bytes)  1902 Harrison County Photos

Merchant Boynton Webber Rourke Hatheway smith

A. L. Merchant

N. C. Boynton

K.E. Webber

James P. Rourke

A.M. Hatheway

W.A. Smith

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Davis Croasdale Jones beebe Plumer Longmyer

F.L. Davis

B.F. Croasdale

W.M. Jones

H. O. Beebe

Wm H. Plumer

F.W. Longmyer

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Fountain Robinson Hillman Wheelock Dance Freymuller

A.N. Fountain

Philip E. Robinson

John W. Hillman

Charles Wheelock

F.M. Dance

A. Freymuller

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Dewell West Walters Long Terry Kirk

J. S. Dewell

Z.  West

F. Walters

B. S. Long

F. M. Terry

Wm Kirk

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Cadwell Crawford Smith Bassett Beck

G.N. Mendill M.D.

E.F. Cadwell

Logan Crawford

Harrison C. Smith

L.H. Bassett

E.E. Beck

I had to include
the whole picture,

it was to good to
pass up!

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